Lux Colors

Burnt Biscuit Blonde-R Burnt Biscuit Blonde-R
Slightly warmer than the famous Butterbeer Blonde, blend of sandy, hint of honey, creamy soft blonde with mixture of medium root.
Chocolate Buttercream-R Chocolate Buttercream-R
Medium and dark brown rooted, blend of medium brown, dark blonde and low lights of dark and medium brown root.
Cool Champagne Blonde Cool Champagne Blonde
Medium ash blonde with champagne and cream soda blonde, cool blonde with platinum highlights, unrooted.
Ginger Ale Blonde Ginger Ale Blonde
Unrooted warm blonde with variegated colors of medium brown, medium and light gold blonde, highlighted with light blonde.
Hazelnut Syrup Hazelnut Syrup
Unrooted, mixture of medium brown, hint of dark auburn, gold blonde, highlighted with light blonde.
Oyster Oyster
Fashionable gray, blend of lightest gray, silver, white, with dark mix gray just on the nape to create the natural graying process.
Pumpkin Pie Spice-R Pumpkin Pie Spice-R
Medium brown rooted, combination of strawberry, medium and light copper red, highlighted with light blonde.
Rich Chocolate Brown-R Rich Chocolate Brown-R
Rooted with dark brown, mixture of dark and medium brown, heavily highlighted with dark auburn , strawberry, mahogany.
Shaken Oatmilk Blonde-R Shaken Oatmilk Blonde-R
Medium brown rooted, medium and light brown base with cool and neutral blondes to balance along with light blonde highlights.
Sunkissed Almond-R Sunkissed Almond-R
A combination of medium and light brown, highlighted with light gold blonde, and hint of cooler blonde, rooted with medium and light brown.
Sunset Blonde Sunset Blonde
Warm blonde with tons of dimension, light gold blonde highlight and light auburn mixed to create more depth of color. Unrooted.
Toasted Walnut-R Toasted Walnut-R
Medium brown rooted, ash brown, medium gold blonde, and light brown blended to perfection.