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Here at Belle Tress, we offer unique programs to help retailers achieve their professional goals, including private label, custom orders, e-commerce creation, and custom photography. In the highly competitive world of online retail, differentiation is key, and we encourage our retailers to develop their own models, colors, and photos to stand out from the crowd.

As direct importers and manufacturers, we have been serving the industry and Hollywood celebrities for over forty years. We take pride in creating the Café Collection, which features all lace front, all heat-friendly premium fiber, and all partial or full lace and/or monofilament tops. Our unique blends of multi-dimensional Café Collection colors and the softest texture in the industry have made us a standout in the industry. We have also expanded the varieties of our famous Lace Front Mono tops and introduced 100% premium human hair versions in Café Collection colors. Additionally, we have created the original Dynamica Collection with energetic, powerful, and magnetic colors.

We have taken our supply lines to the next level by creating collapsible, chrome wig stands, durable Perfect Grips in four colors, and the best wide-tooth comb for Belle Tress wigs, the Perfect Combs. We also provide high-quality, anti-bacterial fishnet wig caps.

At Belle Tress, we deeply care about the success of our clients, and we are committed to providing the best line of wigs and hairpieces, as well as the world’s best line of related supplies. Let us collaborate to achieve your business goals.

 Julie Min