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Beach Blonde

A blend of honey blonde, light blonde, medium blonde, biscuit brown with the highlight of light champagne blonde.


A blend of Cappuccino dark brown and deep Bolzano brown highlight.

Champagne with Apple Pie

Light brown blonde root with mixture of ash blonde, lightest blonde, pure blonde and light neutral blonde.

Coffee without Cream

A blend of espresso coffee bean, darkest brown, and the hint of deepest rich caviar.

Creamy Blonde

A blend of light blonde, platinum blonde, champagne blonde, and pure-diamond blonde with Parisian light ash blonde highlights.


A blend of cappuccino and dark chocolate brown.

Honey with Chai Latte

A blend of Sienna Brown and cool medium brown root with mixture blend of honey blonde, light blonde, smoky blonde with a hint of pure blonde.

Mocha Cream

A rich darkest brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown and cinnamon along with milk chocolate, the cool blonde, and light blonde highlights.