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Bombshell Blonde

Golden brown root with a blend of white, pure blonde and satin blonde.

Butterbeer Blonde

Medium brown root with a blend of sandy blonde, ash blonde, and light blonde.

Cappuccino with Cherry

A blend of Cappuccino dark brown and deep Bolzano brown highlighted with red mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Cayenne with Ginger Root

A mixture of off black and darkest brown root with a blend of cayenne, burgundy, red mahogany, and chocolate cherry.

Champagne with Apple Pie

Light brown blonde root with a mixture of ash blonde, lightest blonde, pure blonde, and light neutral blonde.


Chocolate with Caramel

Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of medium and chocolate brown.


Cappuccino brown root with a gradual mixture of 30% gray, 10% gray, and white at the tip.

Coffee without Cream

A blend of espresso coffee bean, darkest brown, and the hint of deepest rich caviar.

Cola with Cherry

Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown, mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Cream Soda Blonde

Cream Soda Blonde


The color of delicious cream soda! A blend of sandy, ash, and light blonde with a hint of satin blonde.


English Toffee

A blend of medium chocolate and Tuscany rich brown with light auburn highlights.


A blend of cappuccino and dark chocolate brown.

Honey with Chai Latte

A blend of Sienna Brown and cool medium brown root with mixture blend of honey blonde, light blonde, smoky blonde with a hint of pure blonde.

Mocha with Cream

A rich darkest brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown and cinnamon along with milk chocolate, the cool blonde, and light blonde highlights.

Nutella Buttercream

Nutella Buttercream

A delicious blend of sugar, hazelnut, skim milk and cocoa mixed with buttercream. A rich blend of medium chocolate brown, cinnamon dust, milk chocolate, and a hint of strawberry and cool blonde highlights.

Roca Margarita Blonde

Roca Margarita Blonde

Cool Margarita on the rock, a mixture blend of silver, pure, ash, and coconut blonde with soft, cool medium and light brown root.

Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut

Rich dark chocolate root with a blend of golden blonde, honey blonde, natural medium blonde, and pure blonde highlights.

Vanilla Lush

A blend of honey blonde, gold blonde, light blonde with lightest blonde highlights.